NomRoo Story

NomRoo Story

Founders, Lucy and Tanny, have known each other since childhood, a rare friendship that continues to this day. Although the two have been living in different countries for nearly 25 years, Lucy lives in New York and Tanny lives in Chengdu and London, their friendship continues to blossom. The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 severely affected the careers and lives of two women living in different countries. Lucy was diagnosed with cancer in 2020 and was denied surgery for almost six months due to the pandemic. Tanny's career was halted by the pandemic as well. The two women felt hopeless and confused about their future and found deep comfort in calling each other during the year of lockdown. The companionship helped them both go through hard times. The feeling of helplessness led them to use their energy more positively. Thus, NomRoo was born. 


When they created NomRoo, they thought, what do we want NomRoo to bring into this world? Thus they began a journey of self-exploration, and that was how NomRoo got its name, Nomadic Roots.


To create NomRoo's first product, they focused on Tibetan culture. They enlisted help from Tenzing Tsering, a monk who practices at Shanka Temple in Bamei Town, Sichuan Province, China. With his help, Tanny was lucky enough to enter the deep Tibetan autonomous area cut off from the general population. 


During their journey, they made many local friends. Their hospitality, simplicity, and kindness deeply touched their hearts. The language barrier did not stop them from showing Tanny the joy of human connection. Reverence and respect for nature are integral parts of Tibetan culture. During their stay,  the locals took them to experience different parts of Tibetan culture. They tasted what it's like to live and breathe in a place so close to the sky, mountains and what some might consider heaven on earth. Pristine, untouched grassland fills the horizon as they go about their journey. They had the honor of being almost struck by lightning, meditating with other monks, and learning about the ancient art of Tibetan incense-making. It all felt so peaceful. Yes! even being struck by lightning!

NomRoo Sêrtar ™  was born out of the desire to heal and bring harmony and peace back into our daily lives. Our handcrafted vessels and a proprietary blend of scents inspired by the stories of our Tibetan friends brings to you the fragrance of pureness and the essence of years of meditation wisdom. Keep it with you as you go about your daily mindfulness practice. Light it for a couple of hours a day during your favorite activities like bathing, yoga practice, book therapy, or anything that gives you happiness and a sense of groundedness. Keep our beautiful vessel after you burn out all the candles to repurpose them for new use. We love to use them as small planter pots! 

Don't know how to meditate? Don't worry! We include some golden tips on how to meditate like a Pro from Tibetan monk, Tenzing Tsering. 

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